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  • Adeept 4WD Smart Robot Car Kit for Raspberry Pi 4/3 Model B+/B, DIY Robot Kit, OpenCV Target Tracking, Real-Time Video Transmission, AWR WiFi Raspberry Pi Robot with PDF
    AWR(Adeept Wheeled Robot) - This is a Raspberry Pi-based robot mobile platform(Compatible with RPi 4/3B/3B+, Raspberry Pi is NOT included). It is equipped with four geared motors, so it has strong power. Object Recognition, Tracking, Motion Detection - based on openCV; Line Tracking - based on infrared reflection; C/S Architecture - can be remotely controlled by APP; WS2812 RGB LEDs - can change a variety of colors, full of technology; Real-time Video Transmission Extremely scalable - We have reserved a lot of interfaces, you can connect more sensors to make your ideas come true. Self-prepared Items: 2 x 18650 batteries + Raspberry board.
  • Yahboom UNO R3 DIY Smart Robot Car Kit with Camera STEM Education with Tutorial CD for Kids Teens Adults Remote Control Car
    Rotatable camera head : Robotic camera not only can be rotated 180°up-down and left-right to capture the angle you want in the widest range,but also record video and take pictures. Flash ultrasonic ranging module : In addition to ranging and obstacle avoidance, the ultrasonic module can also control the light of various colors through program code, such as smart robot's lovely eyes.Support for scratch 3.0 programming. This robot car really excellent and safe to be a perfect gift for your children and friend to get hands-on experience about programming, electronics assembling and robotics knowledge. It is an integration solution for robotics learning and made for education. Easy installation : You can do the installation easily for the robot, no additional soldering is required, and we have the installation video available on the CD, and you can also view the installation video on the details page.Anti-reverse socket design between module and motor and expansion board, each module has a dedicated socket and reduce the chances for errors Detailed tutorial : Don't worry about your child losing direction, because yahboom always provides detailed courses and technical support. You can get detailed tutorials from the CD or Yahboom official website, often the latest tutorials on the website.It will teach every users how to assembly the smart robot car kit
  • Yahboom Professional Raspberry Pi AI Robot Kit with Camera Programming Electronic DIY Tank Robotics Kit for Teens and Adults Compatible Pi 4B Model 3B+ 3B(Raspberry Pi NOT Include)
    【Upgrade AI Function】The upgraded V3.0 tank kit is compatible with the latest version of Raspberry Pi 4B (2G/4G/8G). It not only retains the basic functions of difficult line tracking, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, and real-time video transmission, but the upgraded kit also adds AI functions such as face detection/tracking, color/object/gesture/QR code recognition. These new AI features make the tank more interesting. 【★★★Raspberry Pi NOT included. Without Raspberry Pi, tank can't work .】 【Real-time transmission of 5G HD video】Robot tank is professional DIY toy, suitable for electronic amateurs and teens over 16 years old. The tank is equipped with 2DOF camera PTZ, which can realize real-time transmission of HD video through the 5G wifi hotspot on Raspberry Pi. The camera supports 480P resolution with manually adjusted the focal length and two camera formats: MJPEG, YUYV(default). With 4B, video transmission is smoother and more stable. An assembled tank is like a moving camera. 【Programmed&tutorials&APP】Working with the Raspberry Pi 4B, using Python/C++ as the main programming language and Open Source CV as the image processing library, you can develope the kit through the development tool Jupyter Lab. Yahboom provides online learning materials. You can download the "Yahboom Robot" APP (Android and iOS) to control the tank. If you are inexperienced, you can find "G1 tank initial tutorial video" at the bottom of the product page.WeChat program can also control the robot 【Sensors&Breakout】The rich sensors such as 2DOP camera, colorful searchlight, ultrasonic module, and 4-way patrol module make the RPI tank more interesting to finish video transmission, light change and other gameplays. Maximum angle of climbing is 60° on frictional surface. Except Pi, the expansion board is also compatible with Uno R3, STM32, and 51 single board for DIY expansion. One set car kit is compatible with 4 control modes. Raspberry Pi and Uno R3 tutorials could be provided by Yahboom.
  • Yahboom Smart Robot Kit for UNO R3 Whit FPV Camera, Coding Mecanum Wheel DIY Omnidirectional Toys Car for Teenager Learning
    Smart robot biggest feature is 4WD omnidirectional mcnamm wheel which can easily complete 360 ° barrier free movement and the challenge of more complex routes HD video WiFi camera : Intelligent educational robot kit has FPV camera head, not only adjust the angle by Android/iOS APP, but also support the functions of taking photos and videos 5 sets of infrared obstacle avoidance sensors scattered around the coding robot car provide the most comprehensive protection for omniduino, which can't be easily damaged even for kids to play, perfect programmable starter kit for kids to build teens to do project design Omniduino is a Mini DIY robot kit open source platform and programmed in C language, you never have to worry about losing in programming, because Yahboom offers full range of code courses and timely technical support 3 sport modes make programming experimental robot car unimpeded : The surrounding mode that rotates around the center point all the time; the obstacle avoidance mode that automatically avoids obstacles when moving forward; and the translation mode that moves in parallel all the time
    107.99 $
  • Yahboom Super Starter AI Robot Kit for Raspberry Pi 4B 3B+ with HD Camera Programmable 4WD Car Face Detection Obstacle Avoidance Tracking Electronic DIY for Teens Adults (Raspberry Pi NOT Included)
    【Interesting play】The super cost-effective smart video car kit can not only realize basic ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, line patrol, light search, real-time image transmission, and fire extinguishing, but also realize face detection, color/object/gesture/QR code recognition and other AI functions, your competition will be extremely colorful. APP supports iOS and Android 【Value of Learning Code]】Super starter kit uses Python3 as the main programming language, Open Source CV as the image processing library, and is developed through the mainstream development tool Jupyter Lab. Yahboom provides a lot of basic usage courses, including installation videos and first-time usage videos. Perfect robot car for adults to learn Raspberry Pi . ★★Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B 3B+ 3B, Yahboom recommends Pi 4B 2G (Raspberry Pi is NOT included. Without RPI, robot can't work) 【 Raspberry Pi 4WD Kit 3.0V】The Pi camera robot supports the latest Raspberry Pi 4b and 5G WiFi networks. The Pi 4 high-performance CPU makes the robot's work more smooth, including real-time transmission of 5G HD video.Robot image is provided.Equipped with a multi-function expansion board, it can support four controllers (Raspberry Pi/UNO/51 chip/STM32).It has reserved unlimited space for free expansion 【DIY Electronic Project】This is a DIY electronic kit that needs to be installed by yourself. DIY is always full of challenges and fun, exercise patience and perseverance. Raspberry Pi 4wd car is a funny way for teens and parents working together to build and use. If you have no experience, you can find the initial use video "Raspberry Pi 4WD Robot Initial Tutorial Video" at the bottom of the product page.
    99.99 $
  • 10Pcs Dia 6mm 1.5-3V dc 2 Phase 4 Wire Micro Stepper Motor with Copper Gear Dia 1mm Output Shaft for DIY Mini Robot Or Camera
    2 Phase 4 Wire DC Stepper Motor. It is tiny motor, pls check its dimension clearly, make sure if you can handle it. Use for Focusing camera normally, It is a precise parts. We do not have other info about it. Rated Voltage : 1.5V-3V; Dia.: 6mm, Height: 7.8mm(not including the bearing sleeve) Output shaft: 1.8mm Package: 10pcs. It is fun to diy them, 🙂
    7.99 $ 10.99 $ -27%
  • UCTRONICS Robot Kit with Camera, RC Car Kit for Kids and Teens to Build, Electronics Programmable DIY Coding Robotics by Scratch 3.0 / Arduino IDE
    Multiple Features: obstacle avoidance, line tracking, following, tracking color code, playing piano and music, photos/videos shooting, wireless real-time video transmission. App Controlled Robot with Camera: iOS device search mobile app “UCBOT” in APP Store; Android device search app “UCBOT” in Google Play. See what the robot sees with easy-to-use WIFI connection. Easy Installation: 1. mount the battery holder and put batteries in. 2. put the wheels on. 3. insert the head to the body. (Batteries not included, need 4 AAA batteries to work) Customize Your Unique Car: the robot car has a unique name when produced, can also be renamed and reset the password and customized the software development in Arduino IDE.
    49.99 $
  • UCTRONICS 30KG High Torque Digital RC Servo with Bracket Kit, Full Metal Gear Steering Servo for DIY Advanced Robot, Robotic Arm, PTZ Cameras
    Better than Analog Servo: RDS3230 digital servo responds to the transmitter's signal at a higher frequency and rotates faster. Heavy Load Capacity: Stall torque is up to 34.5Kg.cm at 6.8V. It can stand more load. Wider Rotation Angle: Controllable angle range from 0 to 270 degrees, high torque and high precision gear make small vibration. Reliable Quality: Full copper gear with higher durability. Higher voltage saves more current and improves robot endurance. You can use it longer. Wide Applications: Attaching other brackets or servos, you can DIY an advanced robot (bipedal robot, spider robot, etc.), robotic arms, PTZ cameras, wheel-drives on robots, and other mechanical projects that require more torque.
    25.99 $
  • ZDSKSH Raspberry Pi Robot Kit, DIY Tank Robotics Kit with 720P HD Camera, Coding Robotics Kit with Face & Color Recognition, Tank Tracked Robot with 4-DOF Robotic Arm
    [Visual recognition function]1. Visual recognition of human face, 720P high-definition camera, wide-angle range of 160 degrees, can recognize facial features, face movement, the camera will move synchronously, follow the face, 2. Visual recognition of two-dimensional code, car It can recognize the QR code with instructions, and make corresponding actions according to the instructions of the QR code. 3. Visually recognize the color, set the specified color in the APP, the car recognizes the color [Infrared function]1. Infrared follow, two infrared probes on the left and right of the car body, circularly detect objects on both sides, calculate the object's position through a software program, and send corresponding action instructions to follow the object by the cpu. 2. Infrared patrol line function, the car recognizes the black patrol trace arranged on the ground through infrared photoelectric sensor, and automatically follows the patrol trace. 3. The camera patrols the line, the car rec [Control function]After the robot kit is turned on, it generates WiFi signal and Bluetooth signal. The mobile phone or tablet can be connected to the car via WiFi or Bluetooth and controlled by a dedicated APP. Motor control: powerful motor function, which can flexibly control the front, rear, and Left, right and other actions, steering gear control: support 8 PWM steering gear output interfaces, support serial steering gear interface, can independently control each servo through the control sof [DIY electronic project]This is a DIY electronic kit that needs to be installed by yourself. DIY is always full of challenges and fun, exercise patience and perseverance. Raspberry Pi cars are a fun way for teenagers and parents to work together to build and use. If you are inexperienced, you can find the initial use video "Raspberry Pi Robot initial tutorial video" at the bottom of the product page. [Designed for Raspberry Pi beginners and professionals]If you or your children or friends are attracted by the world of electronics and robotics, this kit will be a good choice, and a perfect toy gift, for them, it's them Start the first step in the electronic journey. You can contact us if you have any questions, we will solve all your questions about this product
    956.99 $
  • UCTRONICS Digital Servo with Brackets, 15KG High Torque Biaxial Servo for DIY Robotic Arms, Smart Car Robots, PTZ Cameras
    Digital Servo: RDS3115 digital servos specially designed for robots. Faster speeds, higher torque and better holding capability than analog servos. Biaxial Servo: Easier assembly than the DS3115 uniaxial servo kit, dual ball bearings work better than plastic bearing and metal bearing, highly recommend if your application demands heavy side loads. High Torque Servo: Full metal gear and bracket help this provides a torque up to 15 kg/cm@(5-6.5V) for its size, and gives it a longer life than could be achieved with plastic construction. Extensible Servo: Controllable angle range from 0 to 270 degrees, move wider than the standard 180 degrees; the U-shaped brackets have many different predrilled hole patterns made for lining up with the various bases and mounts. Used widely Servo: Attaching other servos or joints/extensions, you can DIY your robotic arms, smart robot cars, and PTZ cameras for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Micro:bit, and other machine projects. For 20KG, 25KG, 30KG digital servos, please search for ASIN B08GL92LPN, B08GLK1SV4, B08GLMBQ84.
    19.99 $

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