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  • OSOYOO RC Two Wheel Self Balancing Robot Car Kit DIY Educational Programmable Starter Kit for Arduino Board, Bluetooth Remote Control by Android Smart Phone
    1. Designed based on OSOYOO Basic Board for Arduino, the self-balancing robot car kit is a fun and educational Arduino learning kit. 2. High-precision motor with hall encoder, make it more superior, more powerful, safer. 3. A perfect choice of master knowledge of PID (Proportion Integral Differential ) for beginner, children, students and so on. 4. Controller - OSOYOO Basic Board for Arduino; 3-axis Accelerometer Gyroscope Sensor - MPU6050; Motor Driver - TB6612
  • Yahboom Coding Mecanum Wheel Smart Robot Kit Whit FPV Camera, DIY Omnidirectional Toys Car for UNO R3 Teenager Learning
    Smart robot biggest feature is 4WD omnidirectional mcnamm wheel which can easily complete 360 ° barrier free movement and the challenge of more complex routes HD video WiFi camera : Intelligent educational robot kit has FPV camera head, not only adjust the angle by Android/iOS APP, but also support the functions of taking photos and videos 5 sets of infrared obstacle avoidance sensors scattered around the coding robot car provide the most comprehensive protection for omniduino, which can't be easily damaged even for kids to play, perfect programmable starter kit for kids to build teens to do project design Omniduino is a Mini DIY robot kit open source platform and programmed in C language, you never have to worry about losing in programming, because Yahboom offers full range of code courses and timely technical support 3 sport modes make programming experimental robot car unimpeded : The surrounding mode that rotates around the center point all the time; the obstacle avoidance mode that automatically avoids obstacles when moving forward; and the translation mode that moves in parallel all the time
  • OSOYOO Omni-directinal Mecanum Wheels Robot Car Kit for Arduino Mega2560|Metal Chassis DC Speed Encoder Motor Robotic DIY|STEM Remote Controlled Educational | Mechanical DIY Coding for Teens Adult
    OMNI WHEELS ROBOT CAR: 4WD Omni-directional wheels and DC Speed Encoder Motor robotic car uses the latest mecanum wheels for omnidirectional movement and allow your robotics to not only travel forward and backward, but also sideways and diagonally((Left/Right Parallel Shift,Forward/Backward,Upper Left/Right Diagonal shift,Lower Right/Left Diagonal Shift).Perfect for tight spaces. SIMPLE, INTELLIGENT, FUN PROJECT: Control your OSOYOO Omni Wheels Robot Car by Android and iOS App, allowing many additional functions such as imitation driving and WiFi controlled auto driving.This intelligent, new technology supports various projects such as line tracking, obstacle avoidance and gravity sensing control. THE BEST VALUE PACK ON AMAZON: This Ultimate Gift Bundle Includes Everything You Need To Build and Engineer Your Own Robotic Car: WiFi Shield, Basic Board for Arduino, USB Cable, Model X Motor Driver Module, Bluetooth Module, Ultrasonic Sensor & Holder, Servo Motor, 3-Points Line Tracking Modules, Obstacle Sensors, Voltage Meter, Acrylic Car Chassis, 4 Motors 4 Mecanum Wheels, 18650 Battery Box. MORE THAN THE BASICS: ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED IN DIY ROBOTIC STEM SET: Basic Tutorial with Pictures, Sample Project Code, & Step-by-Step Instructions. Designed for Easy Assembly and Great Performance — Practice and Become a Master!
  • Moebius 10KG Load 4WD 80mm Mecanum Wheel Robot Car Chassis Kit with DC 12V Encoder Motor for Arduino Raspberry Pi DIY Project STEM Toy
    The robot platform size: 10.24*9.06*2.56inch, which can load weight 10kg. The 80mm mecanum wheel made of high hardness plastic, not easy to damage. 4pcs DC 12V 330rpm motor are equipped with a speed feedback circuit and hall encoder. 4pcs motor offers higher power and speed. This robot car can be made to move in any direction and turn by varying the direction of each wheel. After adding our controller, You can learn more about how Mecanum Wheels work and how they can improve your robot's maneuverability.
    85.99 $
  • DC 6V 280RPM 25GA370 Encoder Motor Set 4mm Shaft DC Gear Motor with Mounting Bracket 65mm Wheel Kits for Smart Car Robot DIY
    100% brand new and high quality. Mini direct-current geared motors, have low noise. This DC motor comes with Mounting Bracket and 65mm Wheel This DC gear motor can be used in smart toy car, robot, printer, measurement equipment and electric toys. The motor is made of metal gear, wear-resisting, avoid tooth breaking, so with long serving life. This motor is adopted of pure copper wire coil, with low heat and low loss
    21.79 $ 23.99 $ -9%
  • Dmyond 2 Wheels DIY Robot Smart Car Chassis Kit with Speed Encoder, Wheels and Battery Box (2 Wheels)
    This car is the tachometer encoder. Come with a 4 AA battery box (batteries not included). Tip: The car Chassis is transparent, you need to tear out protective paper. The perseids 2 Wheel Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit is designed as educational learning kit for beginners (kids) to get hands-on experience about Robotics & Can extend electronics system like Raspberry Pi, or Arduino etc. With system and other devices, the car chassis can perform functions of tracing, obstacle avoidance, distance testing, speed testing, or wireless remote control.
    13.59 $
  • Aideepen 4WD Smart Robot Car Chassis DIY Kit Electronics Motor Car Wheels with Speed Encoder for Arduino
    Ideal for DIY--you can make your own robot car with a car platform, add some micro-controller (such as Arduino) and sensor modules The car chassis DIY kit comes with tachometer encoder Mechanical structure is simple and very easy to install Educational toys, help to improve the ability of children, suitable for your Arduino project DIY subject, science education, development of hobbies and interest Using four deceleration direct current machine curve to be nimble, the directivity is good. Four actuations, horsepower fullness, the chassis is big and steady very easy to expand
    20.99 $
  • uxcell DC 12V 350RPM Encoder Gear Motor with Mounting Bracket 65mm Wheel Kit for Smart Car Robot DIY
    Rated Voltage: DC 12V ; Speed: 350 RPM ; Motor Size: 25mm x 70mm/ 0.98in x 2.77in(D*L); Wheel Size: 65mm x 26mm/ 2.56in x 1.03in(D*T) Great replacement for self-balancing smart robot car. This kit is made for beginners to teach them about programming, electronics and robotics. Package Content:1 x DC Gear Motor , 1 x Wheel , 1 x Bracket, several installation parts.
    19.19 $
  • Moebius Metal Mecanum Omni Wheel Robot Car Kit with 4pcs DC 12V Speed Encoder Motor, 4WD Robot Platform Chassis Maximum Load 15KG for Arduino/ Raspberry Pi DIY STEM Educational Competition
    The mecanum wheel car platform size: 10.24*9.06*2.56inch, aluminum alloy materials, which can load weight 6-15kg. 4pcs DC 12V 330rpm motor are equipped with a speed feedback circuit and hall encoder. 4pcs motor offers higher power and speed. This mecanum wheel mobile robotics car can be made to move in any direction and turn by varying the direction of each wheel. We offer the source codes for mecanum wheel robot. Easy to assembled by yourself and easy to learn Arduino DIY STEM project. After adding our controller, You can learn more about how Mecanum Wheels work and how they can improve your robot's maneuverability.
    135.99 $
  • ApplianPar Dual Shaft Gearbox Gear Motor with Plastic Tire Wheel for Arduino Smart Car Robot DIY Set of 4
    Gear motor operating voltage: 3V~12V DC; Load current: 70mA (250mA max) Gear motor maximum torque: 800gf cm min (3V) ; No-load speed: 1:48 (3V) Suitable for RC car DIY, smart robot, four-wheel drive toy car, aircraft toy, vibration product and more. Package includes: 4 x Dual Shaft Gear Motor, 4 x Tire
    8.88 $

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