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  • DDIY Analog Electronic Technology DIY Manufacture of Electronic Robot Manipulator Second Generation Rocker Remote Control Development Board Introduction Programming Learning kit
    [Product Parameters]: ☀1. Working Voltage: Multiple voltages ☀2. PCB Material: 1.6mm RF-4 Plate, ☀3. Installation: DIY soldering assembly, ☀4. Type: Logic ICs Operating, ☀5. Temperature: 0-45℃. ☀6. Size dimension:144*143*94mm [Product Description]: A starter kit that everyone can use to learn electronics and programming. For those who like electronics, programming or robotics, this is a good choice and perfect gift for friends, family or children. It's the first step on their electronic journey! [Applicable Crowd]: 1. Experienced in soldering, 2. Interested in soldering and assembly, 3. Strong hands-on ability, 4. Learners of circuit and electronic soldering, etc. [Notes]: Component position and specification parameters are printed on our design board and can be made by first making screen parameters based on the board. Reasonable circuit layout design. Use your creativity, DIY Your most unique electronic product! [Warning]: This product needs to be soldered by yourself. If you have no soldering experience, please read the welding instructions carefully and use soldering tools carefully in order to avoid safety problems.If you need instructions or have any questions about the product, please consult customer servic
  • Ddiy acrylic robot sg90 steering gear application manipulator 51 single chip solder assembly DIY electronic production welding practice project Kit
    The use of two 51 single-chip microcomputers with a steering gear to control the up, down, left, and right movements of the robotic arm, and the assembly can grasp objects within 100G, which is very interesting and fun.[Product Parameters]: ☀1.Working Voltage: DC 5V ☀2.Size Dimension:93*145*176mm ☀3.PCB Material: 1.6mm RF-4 Plate, ☀4.Installation: DIY Soldering Assembly, ☀5.Temperature: 0-45℃. ☀6.Accessories:☺Power Cord☺Acrylic Shell
  • Binchil 4 DOF Mechanical Arm Robot Manipulator Claw for Maker Learning DIY Kit Robot
    Lighter board material Strong universality of mechanical parts -cutting of wooden boards, accurate Economical mass production Introduction: This is an economical 4 DOF robotic arm, each joint is driven by a sg90 servo, and the overall use of wood material, light weight. It can be controlled by for or Raspberry Pi microcontroller.
  • Part & Accessories New Arrival Wide U-shaped Servo Bracket PTZ Robotic Manipulator DIY Robot Mount - (Color: Silver)
    Color: Silver Name: Wide U-shaped Steering Bracket Material: 2mm hard aluminum Color: Black, Silver Size: (approx)44x 42.5x 25mm
    9.88 $
  • DIY Multifunction Servo Bracket PTZ Robotic Manipulator Robot Mount New - Black
    Product: Multi-function Steering Gear Bracket Material: Hard Aluminum Plate Thickness: 2mm Surfacing: Fine Sand Oxidation / Sandblasting Oxidation Size: 58x37x25.5mm/2.28x1.46x1 inch
    6.99 $
  • Robot Arm Kit Tool Parts DIY Robot Arm Claw for Arduino Kit Mechanical Grab Manipulator Assembled Gifts for DIY
    The product is good quality we will test the product Before shipping.Estimated Delivery Time: 6-24 days(trackable)----- We provide Expedited Shipping service : 3-9 days.(excluding handling time).If the order amount above US $200, we will use Expedited Shipping service for free. We are a professional distributor of Electronic product. We also sell other kinds of products. just search the model number in our store. We make every effort to provide customers with satisfactory service.any question,please feel free to contact me.
    20.24 $
  • Almencla DIY Assembled Metal Robot 6-Dof Robot Mechanical Arm for Learning Kits Intelligence Toy, (Without Steering Gear)
    The steering gear is equipped with MG996 metal steering gear, which makes the output more stable. The digital steering gear with large can also be used. All the supporting parts are made of 2mm thick aluminum plate, which effectively improves the stability of the manipulator itself. The steering joints are equipped with imported cup bearings, which can not only make the steering more flexible, but also make the steering of the steering gear in the same center. The six-degree-of-freedom machine is widely used in the teaching field of colleges and universities, personal DIY production and maker education. It can be regarded as a simple multi-degree-of-freedom demonstration platform. Its power system is composed of six servo motors, which can realize the demonstration of grasping and carrying of the manipulator before and after, up and down, and left and right.
    36.99 $
  • Robot Arm Manipulator 6DOF Stable Mechanical Arm Metal for DIY Production
    All bracket fittings are made of 2mm thick aluminum plate, which effectively improves the stability of the robot itself. The chassis is in the form of a disc, which makes the manipulator turn left and right more flexible and smooth. 6DOF Manipulator is widely used in college teaching, IDY production. Its power system consists of 6 servo motors, which can realize the demonstration of front and rear, up and down and left and right gripping of the robot. Imported cup bearings are used at the steering joints, which not only makes the steering more flexible, but also allows the steering of the steering gear to be at the same center.
    88.09 $
  • HEASEN Wide U-Shaped Servo Bracket PTZ Robotic Manipulator DIY Robot Mount
    13.99 $
  • HEASEN Hot New Oblique U-Shaped Servo Bracket PTZ Robotic Manipulator DIY Robot Mount Seat Parts Accessories 17g
    13.99 $

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