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  • ZkeeShop 5pcs 5A Current Sensor Module ACS712 Module Compatible for Arduino
    Pin 5V power supply, on-board power indicator; The module can be measured plus or minus 5 amps, corresponding to the analog output of 185 mV / A; There is no the detection current through, the output voltage is VCC / 2; PCB board size: 31 (mm) x13 (mm);
  • ELEGOO UNO R3 Board ATmega328P ATMEGA16U2 with USB Cable Compatible with Arduino IDE Projects, RoHS Compliant
    NEW IMPROVEMENT: Clear prints on the female header connector, more precise and easier to use the wire. The ELEGOO UNO R3 BOARD now uses an ATMega16U2 instead of the ATMega8U2 chip. Faster transfer rates and more memory. Control using ATMEL ATMEGA328P chip(the same with Arduino UNO R3) 100% compatible with the Arduino IDE and RoHS Compliant We have always cared about the customer experience and improve the product function details.
  • Adafruit 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout - BNO055
    Meaningful sensor data in minutes with Bosch's smart BNO055 smart 9-ODF sensor Data output over I2C Absolute orientation, angular velocity, acceleration, magnetic field strength, linear acceleration, gravity, temperature Easy to use Adafruit tutorials Easy soldering of header pins required
  • HiLetgo GY-906 MLX90614ESF Non-contact Infrared Temperature Sensor Module IIC I2C Serial for Arduino
    MLX90614 is an infrared thermometer for non-contact temperature measurements. Both the IR sensitive thermopile detector chip and the signal conditioning ASIC are integrated in the same TO-39 can. Integrated into the MLX90614 are a low noise amplifier, 17-bit ADC and powerful DSP unit thus achieving high accuracy and resolution of the thermometer. The thermometer comes factory calibrated with a digital SMBus output giving full access to the measured temperature in the complete temperature range(s) with a resolution of 0.02°C. The user can configure the digital output to be pulse width modulation (PWM). As a standard, the 10-bit PWM is configured to continuously transmit the measured temperature in range of -20 to 120°C, with an output resolution of 0.14°C.
    14.99 $
  • Makerfire 10pcs Arduino NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Wireless RF Transceiver Module New
    Brand New, 90 Days Warranty Model: NRF24L01
    12.88 $
  • DAOKI 5PCS 315Mhz RF Transmitter and Receiver Link kit for Arduino/ARM/MCU/Raspberry pi Wireless
    TX Working voltage: 3V-12V. Working current: 20-28mA. Resonance mode: sound wave resonance (SAW) Modulation mode: ASK /OOK RX Working voltage: 5.0VDC. Static current:4MA Working principle: single chip superregeneration receiving
    6.99 $
  • HiLetgo 2pcs OV7670 640x480 0.3Mega 300KP VGA CMOS Camera Module I2C for Arduino ARM FPGA
    Resolution 640x480 VGA IO voltage 2.5V to 3.0V (internal LDO power supply to the core 1.8V) Power operation 60mW/15fps VGAYUV Automatic influence control functions include: automatic exposure control, automatic gain control, automatic white balance, automatic elimination of light streaks, automatic black level calibration, image quality control including color saturation, hue, gamma, sharpness ANTI_BLOOM RawRGB, RGB (GRB4:2:2, RGB565/555/444), YUV(4:2:2) and YCbCr(4:2:2) output formats
    8.99 $
  • 3PCS 30A Range Current Sensor ACS712 Module AC/DC for Arduino (30A)
    Current sensor chip: ACS712ELC-30A(Note: there are 3 specifications of the product 5A/20A/30A, Pls choose them accroding to your needs.) Pin 5V power supply; on-board power indicator; Measuring range: ±30 amps, corresponding Analog output:66mV/A. When there is no the detection current through, the output voltage is VCC/2 Note: ACS712 module is based on the principle of Hall detection, please avoid the influence of magnetic field when using it! Package includes:3 Pack 30A Current Sensor ACS712 Module.
    10.99 $
  • Miuzei Super Starter Kit Compatible with Arduino Projects, with LCD1602 Module, Breadboard, Servo, 9V 1A Power Supply, Sensors, LEDs, Detailed Tutorial MA13
    【More than 28 Lessons】 Free PDF tutorial or easy to visit it on the mega cloud drive; 【DIY More Projects with Fun】It’s a good way to learn programming language in projects for beginners or hobbyists; 【Soldered Components】 LCD1602, Ultrasonic distance sensor and Touch sensor modules with pin header, which don’t need to solder by yourself; 【Come with 9V 1A Power supply】 The all projects could finish by USB, it’s a complete kit for you; 【Lifetime Warranty】You Can Get Miuzei Friendly Customer Service, Lifetime Efficient Friendly Customer Service Support and 18- months No Reason to Return and Refund.
    30.99 $ 33.98 $ -9%
  • Gikfun 20A Range Current Sensor ACS712 Module for Arduino (Pack of 2pcs) EK1181x2
    Current sensor chips: ACS712ELC-20A pin 5V power supply, on-board power indicator 20A range Current Sensor ACS712 Module Package content: 2 x 20A range Current Sensor
    10.98 $

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