Secrets: Robot programming fanuc | Complete Test

  • Robot Programming: A Guide to Controlling Autonomous Robots
    Pearson Que
  • CNC Programming using Fanuc Custom Macro B
  • Proficient FANUC robot programming and maintenance of integrated peripherals(Chinese Edition)
  • Basic Operation and programming of industrial robots FANUC(Chinese Edition)
    27.80 $
  • CNC Programming Skills: Program Entry and Editing on Fanuc Machines (Volume 1)
    10.00 $
  • Industrial Robot Field Programming (FANUC)(Chinese Edition)
    30.00 $
  • Off-line programming and simulation of industrial robots (FANUC Robot)(Chinese Edition)
    49.99 $
  • 30-Second AI & Robotics: 50 key notions, fields, and events in the rise of intelligent machines, each explained in half a minute
    21.16 $
  • Firia Labs CodeBot: Python Programmable Robot Kit, STEM Learning and Coding for Kids, Robotics Curriculum and Classroom Teaching Resources
    CodeBot is a classroom-proven educational robot built to teach Python programming, Computer Science, and Robotics principles Includes unlimited access to the CodeSpace web platform, integrating engaging curriculum modules with a powerful Python development environment Works great with Chromebooks, PCs, or Macs; No software to install Project based “Python with Robots” curriculum included; Aligned to Computer Science Educational standards Fully autonomous robot controlled by writing code; Not a remote-control toy robot; It teaches real-world coding in Python, a popular professional programming language
    165.00 $
  • DJI Intelligent Educational Robot STEM Toy Robomaster S1 with Programmable Modules, Scratch and Python Coding
    【Professional robot learning platform with AI technology, cultivate programming skills The S1 seamlessly combines competitive gameplay with and math and physics knowledge to make learning more fun than ever! Enjoy a wealth of teaching resources, practical knowledge, which can be applied during competition. 【Modular Design, Custom Skills Build your S1 for a hands-on learning experience unlike any other. Up to 46 customizable components [1] give you unlimited space for innovation and six PWM ports [2] support customized accessories, allowing you to explore the possibilities of the S1 and the magic of the robotic world. 【An Unrivaled Educational Resource A series of projects, video courses and programming guides that range from beginner to expert enhance users’ knowledge and understanding of mathematics, physics, programming, robotics and artificial intelligence to strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking skills. These lessons let users of any level understand complex principles in an engaging way. 【Programming Language, A Game of Intelligence The RoboMaster S1 supports Scratch and Python programming languages. You can write programming for your own unique skills and put them to use during battle to gain a decisive advantage. S1 users can experience an exhilarating FPV driving experience that includes omnidirectional movement, target shooting, and so much more. 【Automatic Driving, Artificial Intelligence Applications Take an autopilot challenge on the standard venue to see how the RoboMaster S1 “recognizes” simulated roads and traffic lights! Line Recognition offers users practical experience with automatic driving principles, robotic control, mathematics, and physics. Vision Marker Recognition, Individual Recognition, Clap Recognition, Gesture Recognition and other S1 Robot Recognition can provide even more options for fun and creativity.
    530.00 $

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