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  • KEYESTUDIO 4DOF Metal Robot Arm Starte Kit for Arduino, Electronic Coding Robotics Arm DIY Set for Kids & Adults, Support PS2 Joypad Control, Bluetooth Remote Control by Android/iOS App PC
    This product is suitable for users over 12 years old with a theoretical basis for electronic programming. If you encounter any problems during use, please feel free to contact me. We will respond quickly to technical support. Three control methods: 1) JoyStick modules included control; 2) Bluetooth Remote Control; Bluetooth module and Bluetooth APP compatible with Android/iOS are provided. 3) Wireless PS2 Control (Note: Wireless PS2 controller is not included, we only provide sample code and instructions ) The kit includes a control board, a TB6612FNG Motor/Servo Driver Shield with PS2 connector, 2 Joystick modules, a HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0, a battery holder (no batteries) and more This kit does NOT include batteries, users need to prepare 2Pcs 18650 batteries. (The battery is NOT included in the kit, Because the battery has potential safety hazards, please prepare qualified batteries by yourself.) Before buying, you can read the English manual. English manual of the item:
  • [Sintron] Mini Industrial Robotic Arm Kit, Mechanic Arm & DIY Robot Toy + Servos Joysticks UNO R3 Laser Cut Components for Arduino Education Starter
    (1) Included UNO R3 board, Joystick, Solderless breadboard, and Dupont cable, lower price but you can get more! (2) Simple structure for easy to install and operate, parts and components for DIY, enjoy yourself in the assembling. (3) Precision laser cut parts require only a screwdriver to assemble and an for Arduino micro controller for the servo motor logic. (4) The MeArm DIY Robot Arm Kit with packaged box, light and portable. (5) Especially suitable for children to learn programming, DIY amateur, and for Arduino learner.
  • Arduino Shield Expansion Board 9-12V with 4 Channels Motors 9 Channels Servos Ports with PS2 Joystick Remote Control for Mecanum Wheel Robot Arm
    The motor drive board adopt imported TB6612 driver chip, reserve wifi/bluetooth/handle interface. The Arduino controller can control the mecanum wheel robot with speed encoder, we offer the source code. You learn more about how Mecanum Wheels work and how they can improve your robot's maneuverability. You can develop it secondly, since It also has servos, sensor interface, you can use it to control the robot arm or mini self-driving robotic car. Package included: 1pcs handle controller, 1pcs receiver, 1pcs adapter, 1pcs 4 channel motor driver board, 1pcs MEGA 2560, 1pcs USB cable, 4pcs motor wires.
  • LAFVIN 4DOF Acrylic Robot Mechanical Arm Claw Kit Compatible with Arduino IDE DIY Robot with CD Tutorial
    There are 3 controlling methods. The 4DOF Robot Arm Kitis designed for 12+years old children. You will learn Joystick control and bluetooth control. The tutorial include codes and lessons.It will teach every users how to assembly the 4DOF Robot Arm Kit and use for R3 controller board. It really excellent and safe to be a perfect gift for your children and friend.
    37.99 $
  • SainSmart JoyStick Breakout Module Sensor Shield + Free 10 Cables for Robot Arduino UNO 2560 R3 STM32 A072
    Breakout module for Playstation2 analog joystick 5 pins on board: VCC, GND, X, Y and Button. Connect the module with 5V power suppy with VCC and GND, you can read out the joystick status by X,Y and button pins When using the 5V power supply, the default analog output for X,Y is 2.5V. With the direction of the arrow, the voltage up to 5V, and the opposite direction down to 0V. Package Dimension : 7.62 centimeters L x 5.588 centimeters W x 1.777 centimeters H
    9.99 $
  • LK COKOINO 4 Axis Robotic Arm Kit for Arduino, 4DOF Mini Desktop Robot Arm for Children/Adults, Compliment Engineering, Math, Science, and Technology Learning Strategy
    This is open-source desktop robot arm for physical learning, improving building skills, coding and and creative work. Excellent structural design, use high quality bearings, more stable and flexible operation. Using the joystick controller we can control the movement of each servo or axis of the robot. We can also record each position or step and then the robot arm can automatically run and repeat these steps. Offer easy-to-follow graphical instructions and example code, with download links in the product tips.
    49.99 $
  • KEYESTUDIO Coding Robot Arm Starter Kit for Arduino , Robotics Toys for Adults Teens Electronic Programming
    It’s programming arm robot 4dof kit for 12+ years old children, you can easily to use it to introduce physical learning, logic, building skills, and problem solving. There are 3 controlling methods as follows: 1) Controlling through Wired JoyStick (included in the kit); 2) Bluetooth APP Control ; 3) Wireless PS2 JoyStick Control (Not Includes PS2 JoyStick module,but provides with the code) You can easily change your program for better movement and position repeatability. Exquisite packaging contains high quality and Children-friendly hardware, assembly tools and comprehensive instructions Before buying, you can read the English manual. English manual of the item:
    50.00 $
  • Part & Accessories New Arrival Mearm DIY 4DOF For Arduino Robot Arm 4 Axis Rotating Kit With Joystick Button Controller 4pcs Servo - (Color: Clear)
    81.22 $
  • Part & Accessories Best Deal Mearm DIY 4DOF For Arduino Robot Arm 4 Axis Rotating Kit With Joystick Button Controller 4pcs Servo - (Color: Red)
    81.22 $
  • HARTI 4DOF Acrylic Toys Robot Mechanical Arm Claw Kit Manipulator for Arduino, UNO R3 Programming DIY Assembly Robot with CD Tutorial, Remote Control PS2
    Project based on Aduno: The 4DOF robot manipulator claw is developed on the basis of the Aduno platform and has 3 control methods, such as wired joystick, Bluetooth control (hc-06), wireless PS2 joystick. Memory function: The robot arm kit also has a memory function, which can record the completed steps, even if you can always customize it by reprogramming. Simple and easy-to-learn tutorial: The CD tutorial is included. This guide will guide you how to build the robot arm step by step and teach you how to program the robot arm. It is suitable for parents and children to practice together and learn robot knowledge at the same time. STEM toys for everyone: even children and even adults who are interested in electronics or robotics will love this kit and use it as a STEM kit to learn engineering and programming while playing. Exquisite package: The well-designed package is filled with all spare parts and parts, such as screws, servo motors and sensor modules.
    109.97 $

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