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  • RobotDyn - Arduino Audio Sensor, Arduino Frequency Detector Module Attachable to Arduino, Arduino Microphone Module- Sensor with Digital and Analog Output - for Arduino, STM32, Raspberry DIY Projects
    ✔️ HIGH QUALITY AND PREMIUM MADE: The most widely used Arduino Audio Sensor, Differentiates from other cheaply made Arduino Frequency Sensor/Arduino Sound Sensor by being High Quality and not made by third party vendors. All is created through Robotdyn Experts. ✔️ TECHNICAL SPECS: There is a mounting screw hole 3mm. Use 5v DC power supply. There is a threshold level and output flip. ✔️ The Sound Detector has two outputs:AO - Analog output, real-time output of the microphone signal.DO - When sound intensity is below a pre-defined threshold, the output is low. ✔️ THRESHOLD SENSITIVY CAN BE ADJUSTED: When sound intensity raises above that threshold, the output is high. The threshold (sensitivity) can be adjusted via the potentiometer onthe sensor. ✔️ THE SOUND DETECTOR MODULE: is based on a microphone and a power amplifier. It can be used for detecting the sound strength of the environment. The value of digital output can be adjusted by the potentiometer.
  • RobotDyn - RS232 Shield for Arduino Uno, Mega, Leonardo (Assembled)
    RS232 Shield is a standart interface for equipment. You can now easily access those equipment straight from your Arduino.<br><br> The RS232 shield have DB9 connectors that provide connection to various devices with RS232 interface. For show of communicating of data RXD/TXD have 2 LED for each one chanel. The Shield is build on MAX232,which is a dual buffer. Shield have extra space with the soldering area, which is highly convenient for prototyping. <br><br> Also shield have pinheaders with jumpers for selecting of serial RS232 ports RXD/TXD for option to choose between Arduino I/O D0-D13 Stackable pinheaders on the back that are compatible with most Arduino controllers such as arduino Uno, Mega, Leonardo.
  • RobotDyn - Relay Shield with opto-Isolation and prototyping Area for Arduino Uno, Mega, Leonardo. 4 Channels
    The Relay Shield 4x(4 relay)- enables you to manage consumer devices connected to the network 220V, switching power equipment: motors, pumps. Total have 4 relays with switching characteristics: AC 250V-10A, DC 60V-10A Normaly relay is that it separates the control channels and traffic channels. That gives protection to your microcontroller. But there is no guarantee of protection from very high currents For Relay Shield need external power supply 6-12V. For Relay Shield, use current about 400mA. With a jumper you can switch the power supply from an external to Vin board Arduino
  • RobotDyn - Nano I/O Expansion Shield, for Arduino Nano V3 pinout. (Assembled)
    Pinheaders for All the digital I/O ports and analog I/O ports, each IO port has a standard positive and negative power interface. Digita I/0 - 14 ports, Analog In 8 ports. Multiple pinheaders for I2C interface on the board, convenient and connection up to 6 of the I2C device. Serial (RX/TX) port pin header with power. Power stabilizer for 5V and current to 1A. DC Jack Socket and Diode with a protection of wrong power connection. RESET button in available place. Compatible with Arduino Nano v3.0 pinout
    10.99 $
  • RobotDyn - Joystick Module, PS2 Joystick Gamepad Controller for Arduino, STM32, Raspberry pi
    2-axis: X and Z (analog). Click push knob (digital).
    3.89 $
  • RobotDyn - Breadboard KIT: Breadboard + Power Supply 5V/3.3V (1A) + 60 Jumper Wires, for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32
    The big breadboard with power supply 5V/3.3V (1A) and jumper wires kit for use in your electronic projects. Solderless breadboard is made of ABS plastic and can be fixed on a flat surface with adhesive tape at the back. 830 Points breadboard size: 6.5 x 2.1 x 0.3 inch/ 165 x 55 x 8.5 mm. Breadboard Power Supply Module 5V/3.3V (1A) 2 independent channels for Arduino Board Solderless Breadboard. Protect circuitry from negative voltages or AC power supplies. Jumper wires: male-male 4"(100mm) 20 pcs, male-male 8" (200mm) 20 pcs, male-male 12"(300mm) 10 pcs, male-female 12"(300mm) 10 pcs.
    6.99 $
  • RobotDyn - Methane Gas Sensor - MQ-4, for DIY Projects Arduino, STM32, Raspberry pi (Analog and Digital Out)
    This sensor detects the presence of methane (CNG) gas at concentrations from 300 ppm to 10,000 ppm, a range suitable for detecting gas leaks.
    4.99 $
  • CoCocina 16 Keys Capacitive Touch Key Pad Module Robotdyn for Arduino - Products That Work with Official Arduino Boards
    This is a touch keypad function by measuring the capacitance of 16 electrode points. This compact inexpensive keypad can be connecting to any Capacitive module. In our catalog, you can find 16 Keys Capacitive touch modules which bases on TTP229 and connecting to the microcontroller with the I2C bus. This touch keypad is both an ideal learning tool for capacitive touch sensing keypads, as well as a fully operational touch keypad that can be easily incorporated in a professional control system or microcontroller application. Touchpads have numbers from 1 to 16 and can mark with felt-pan. Inset: board and jumper wire for 16 lines. 150mm (6 inches)
    12.21 $ 14.65 $ -17%
  • RobotDyn - Pro Mini ATmega328 (3.3V, 8MHz), A6-A7 pins - Enhanced Version, Compatible for Arduino Pro Mini.
    Microcontroller: ATmega328. Logic level: 5V(16MHz)/3.3V(8MHz) (Depending on model) Bootloader pre-installed. For connecting to PC need use USB-TTL serial converter. Digital I/O: 14 (6 PWM); Analog input 8 Input voltage: 5-9V
    5.49 $

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