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  • WeatherRack2 Wireless Weather Sensors for Raspberry Pi / ESP32 / Arduino
    Includes Open Source Software for Arduino and Raspberry Pi Measures 8 different weather attributes (wind, rain, sunlight, uv, etc.) For meterologists, weather hobbiest, and building your own weather station. 433mHz Transmission - Software download available
  • Cytron 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 in the form of Arduino UNO R3
    Microcontroller: NUC131LD2AE (32-bit ARM Cortex-M0) Operating voltage: 5VDC (We seldom see ARM microcontroller with 5V powered) Flash size (program memory): 64KB SRAM size: 8KB Digital IO: 20, Analog input (ADC): 6, PWM: 16, External Interrupts: 10
  • DollaTek R3 Learning Suite & Test Starter Kit for Arduino
    Great starter kit for anyone interesting in learning and experimenting with Arduino. Supplied in a plastic storage case. This item does not come supplied with a User Manual, we recommend popping on over to Arduino (Link opens a new window/tab to to help explore the system and familiarise yourself with the kit.
  • UMLIFE Sensor Modules Kit for Arduino, 22 in 1 Module Kit for UNO R3 Nano V3.0 Mega 2560 Mega 328 Project Starter Kit
    ❃❃ High quality sensor module kit for Arduino and Raspberry pi. ❃❃ Those sensors will often being used in the beginner's project. It is included touch sensor module, Infrared sensor receiver module etc. ❃❃ For the beginner, 22 in 1 Modules Sensor Learning Package includes most projects design for those beginners and who want to know more about Arduino, UNO R3 Nano V3.0 Mega 2560 Mega 328 Project Raspberry Pi and STM32. ❃❃ We eliminate many old-fashioned sensors which have low reliability and duplicate function as other sensor in the kit, the UMLIFE modules sensor kits are chosen carefully for our user. ❃❃ If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will give you a satisfied solution.
    16.99 $
  • SMAKN Speak Recognition, Voice Recognition Module V3, compatible with Arduino
    Voltage: 4.5-5.5V. Current: <40mA. Digital Interface: 5V TTL level for UART interface and GPIO. Analog Interface: 3.5mm mono-channel microphone connector + microphone pin interface. Size: 31mm * 50mm.
    50.50 $
  • Beetle ESP32 Microcontroller - Arduino Microcontroller ESP-WROOM-32
    A small size of 35mm×34mm Enable users to directly download and debug programs through Micro USB, free from programmer Large-scale I/O ports with gold plating, easy to screw wire on it or to sew the board on the clothes with wires, no need to solder A group of gold plating power interfaces of honeycomb type, convenient to use
    19.90 $
  • Inventor's Kit for The Arduino
    This kit does not include an Arduino UNO. This kit requires assembly. No soldering is required and you can build your first circuit in minutes! Make 10 experiments included in the provided step-by-step tutorial book. All parts are included to conduct the 10 experiments. Small Prototype Breadboard included for fast prototyping. Includes 1 x Mounting Plate. 1 x 7 Segment Display. 1 x Servo. 1 x Potentiometer - Vertical Type 100K. 1 x Finger Adjust Spindle. 4 x Plastic Spacer 10mm. 1 x Breadboard. 1 x Terminal Connector. 4 x Push Switch. 1 x Motor. 1 x Transistor. 8 x 5mm LEDs. 1 x RGB 5mm LED. 1 x Fan Blade. 5 x 2.2K½ Resistor. 5 x 10K½ Resistor. 10 x 220½ Resistor. 20 x Male to Male Jumper Wires. 1 x 470uF Electrolytic Capacitor. 1 x Piezo Element Buzzer. 4 x Pan Head M3 Machine Screw. 1 x Phototransistor. Requires: An Arduino board and USB Cable such as the Arduino Uno R3, Phillips Screwdriver, Terminal Block Screwdriver
    24.99 $
  • DEVMO 5PCS 5V Sensor Module Board Compatible with Arduino AVR PIC KY-008 Laser Transmitter Wave Length 650 nm
    ★Operating voltage: 5V ★Output wavelength 650 nm ★3 pins module ★With fixed bolt hole for easy installation ★Package Includes:5PCS Sensor Module Board
    12.99 $
  • Emakefun Development Board, Development Board for Arduino R3 with Micro Interface and BLE Wireless Module,Base on ATmega328P for Project
    Bluetooth module:Wirelessly connect your phone via APP Micro interface:You can use the data cable of your phone connect with computer Chip:ATmega328P,same as the official version Quality:Solder is Very Clean
    13.89 $
  • Cytron Playstation2 controller converter shield for Arduino, digital pin as UART TX and RX pin
    5V powered, low current consumption. Simple to use UART protocol Vibrator motor on PS2 is controllable. Jumper selector to select different UART Baud Rate (9600, 57600, 115200). Jumper selectors to select different digital pin as UART TX and RX pin.
    16.28 $

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