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Bakugan Ultra, Trox with Transforming Baku-Gear, Armored Alliance 3-inch Tall Collectible Action Figure TRANSFORM: Unleash the power of Bakugan Ultra and its amazing leap open Baku-Action transformation! Pick up BakuCores

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Bakugan Baku-Gear 4-Pack, Fused Sabra x Pyravian Ultra with Baku-Gear and Howlkor x Serpenteze Ultra Collectible Action Figures 27.78 $ Bakugan, Dragonoid Infinity Transforming Figure with Exclusive Fused Ultra and

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Bakugan Volume 1-5 24.99 $ 74.85 $ -67% Bakugan Battle Brawlers 3: A Feud Between Friends 6.55 $ 7.99 $ -18% A Combination Battle 1.99 $ BAKUGAN Armored Alliance Theme

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