For Dummies: Robot programming classes | Technical sheet

  • Coding Games in Python (Computer Coding for Kids)
  • Think & Learn Code-a-pillar™
    Planning & sequencing - preschoolers learn to follow multi-step plans to achieve a goal. Problem Solving - generate and execute a solution to any problem. Number Recognition - understand and recognize numbers in Code-a-pillar’s world. Counting in Order - gain knowledge about numbers and how they go in order to form a sequence.
  • Trapped in a Video Game
  • MQL5: Creating Trading Robots and Indicators. Advanced use of the MetaTrader 5 trading platform
    49.99 $
  • Squeak: Learn Programming with Robots (Technology in Action)
    Used Book in Good Condition
    32.20 $ 39.99 $ -19%
  • Your guide to Excel in First Lego League: Robot Architecture, Design, Programming and Game Strategies
    9.99 $
  • Blue-Bot Bluetooth Programmable Educational Floor Robot - Bee-Bot World Bundle & Activity Tins - Learn Controls, Directional Language, Basic Programming, for Classroom Group Activity, Each 4 Pack
    BLUE-BOT BLUETOOTH FLOOR ROBOT: Blue-Bot is a simple robot that can operate on its own or via Bluetooth controlled by an Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows device or a tactile reader. Blue-Bot is transparent so that kids can see all of the parts that make it work NEW FEATURES BLUE-BOT: The robot can now interact with other Blue-Bots, record audio to playback to confirm when commands are entered, audio playback when Bee-Bot follows commands, compatible with Android, iOS, PC and Mac, rechargeable, and can be programmed to perform 45 degree turns BEE-BOT WORLD BUNDLE: A set of 4 Bee-Bot World Mats with associated activity Tins. With the new and improved Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot, we have introduced a brand new range of activity tins, mats, and resources! FEATURES BEE-BOT WORLD BUNDLE: This new range features exciting cross-curricular resources, which will assist with the teaching of control, directional language and programming across other subject areas; Included are the Countryside, Transport, and Industry, People Who Help Us and Seaside Bee-Bot Mat and Activity Tin. FUN LEARNING: This world bundle is a set of robots, mats, and activity tins for the kids and teachers to learn.
    616.48 $
  • mBot for Makers: Conceive, Construct, and Code Your Own Robots at Home or in the Classroom
    18.95 $ 29.99 $ -37%
  • Wonder for Dash & Dot Robots
    Connect Dash or Dot to the Wonder app using Bluetooth Smart/LE Venture on the Scroll Quest to complete challenges that will guide you on how to play and give you fun ideas for your robots. Start with Dash or Dot - there is a set of challenges for every kind of bot. Collect BQ points. As you play the challenges with Dash and Dot, your robots gain Bot IQ. The more BQ points your robot has, the smarter and more powerful your robot is! Visit Free Play to create your own inventions for Dash and Dot. Transform Dash and Dot. Once you’re done coding, you can transfer your code to Dash or Dot. Next time you turn on your robot, it will run your code without being connected to a device.
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