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  • HiLetgo MAX30102 Low Power Heart Rate Click Sensor Breakout Board Module for Arduino Pulse Oximetry Solution SpO2 Replace MAX30100
    1.Optical Heart-Rate Monitor and Pulse Oximetry Solution 2.Example C Source Code For Arduino And mbed Platforms 
  • HiLetgo GY-906 MLX90614ESF Non-contact Infrared Temperature Sensor Module IIC I2C Serial for Arduino
    MLX90614 is an infrared thermometer for non-contact temperature measurements. Both the IR sensitive thermopile detector chip and the signal conditioning ASIC are integrated in the same TO-39 can. Integrated into the MLX90614 are a low noise amplifier, 17-bit ADC and powerful DSP unit thus achieving high accuracy and resolution of the thermometer. The thermometer comes factory calibrated with a digital SMBus output giving full access to the measured temperature in the complete temperature range(s) with a resolution of 0.02°C. The user can configure the digital output to be pulse width modulation (PWM). As a standard, the 10-bit PWM is configured to continuously transmit the measured temperature in range of -20 to 120°C, with an output resolution of 0.14°C.
  • HiLetgo HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth RF Transceiver Master Slave Integrated Bluetooth Module 6 Pin Wireless Serial Port Communication BT Module for Arduino
    The factory setting is slave mode, but you can set this module to master mode so that you might be able to connect to other Bluetooth 2.0 devices.HC-05 Wireless BT Module HC-05 Wireless BT Module: with this HC 05 Bluetooth module,You can quickly add the Bluetooth feature to your Arduino project, and then you can use your android phone to control some gadgets, such as: switch, LED. Master and Slave 2-IN-1 HC 05 Module:Working Voltage 3.6V to 6V , Default baud rate:9600,Default pin:1234 Button: Press the button, the module enter the AT mode. AT commands are executed only in AT mode. 6 PIN Dopunt Cable : with this Dupont Cable, you can easily connect this HC-05 Bluetooth module to your Arduino Board
  • ACROBOTIC MiCS5524 CO, Alcohol and VOC Gas Analog Sensor Breakout Board for Arduino Raspberry Pi ESP8266 MiCS-5524 5VDC Carbon Monoxide
    Analog output sensor for measuring changes in CO, Ammonia, Ethanol, H2, Methane, Propane, and Iso-Butane Simply supply power and connect the A0 pin to an analog input pin on your Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, etc. Operating voltage of 5VDC; perfect for DIY Weather Stations and Air Quality Monitors Easy to use on a breadboard with the included 4-pin header
    13.99 $
  • Comimark 2Pcs GY-9960LLC APDS-9960 RGB and Gesture Sensor Module I2C Breakout for Arduino
    It offers ambient light and color measuring, proximity detection, and touchless gesture sensing. For your convenience we have broken out the following pins:. VL (optional power to IR LED), GND (Ground), VCC (power to APDS-9960 sensor), SDA (I2C data), SCL (I2C clock), and INT (interrupt). Each APDS-9960 also has a detection range of 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 cm). With built in UV and IR blocking filters, four separate diodes sensitive to different directions, and an I2C compatible interface. Package Included: 2 X GY-9960LLC APDS-9960 Gesture Sensor Breakout If You Are Not Satisfied with Your Purchase for Any Reason, Please Feel Free To Contact Us at the Buyer Center or Support Email, 24/7 Quick Reply.
    6.98 $ 7.99 $ -13%
  • DEVMO 5PCS 5V Sensor Module Board Compatible with Ar-duino AVR PIC KY-008 Laser Transmitter Wave Length 650 nm
    ★Operating voltage: 5V ★Output wavelength 650 nm ★3 pins module ★With fixed bolt hole for easy installation ★Package Includes:5PCS Sensor Module Board
    12.99 $
  • 3pcs Wireless Transceiver Module 2.4G 1100m NRF24L01+PA+LNA in Antistatic Foam for ArduinoIDE Compatible with Antenna LKY67
    6.99 $
  • Hailege 5pcs 315Mhz RF Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Module Link kit for Arduino/ARM/MCU/Raspberry pi
    Resonance mode: sound wave resonance (SAW) TX Working voltage: 3V-12V. Working current: 20-28mA. RX Working voltage: 5.0VDC. Static current:4MA Modulation mode: ASK /OOK
    8.49 $
  • HiLetgo 315Mhz RF Transmitter and Receiver Module link kit for Arduino/ARM/MCU/Raspberry pi
    4.69 $
  • HiLetgo YX5300 UART Control Serial MP3 Music Player Module For Arduino/AVR/ARM/PIC
    Supported file formats:MP3/WAV Supported sampling frequencies (kHz): 8 / 11.025 / 12 / 16 / 22.05 / 24 / 32 / 44.1 / 48 30 steps of adjustable volume Supports MicroSD and MicroSDHC Cards Power supply: 3.2 - 5.2 VDC
    6.99 $

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