Expert says: Robot programming in python | Technical sheet

  • Coding Games in Python (Computer Coding for Kids)
  • Machine Learning: 4 Books in 1: Basic Concepts + Artificial Intelligence + Python Programming + Python Machine Learning. A Comprehensive Guide to Build Intelligent Systems Using Python Libraries
  • Python: 3 books in 1: Beginner's guide, Data science and Machine learning. The easiest guide to get started in Python programming. Unlock your ... and develop your project in just 30 days.
  • Java: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners (Step-By-Step Java Book 1)
    2.99 $
  • Learning Robotics using Python: Design, simulate, program, and prototype an autonomous mobile robot using ROS, OpenCV, PCL, and Python, 2nd Edition
    34.99 $
  • Hands-On ROS for Robotics Programming: Program highly autonomous and AI-capable mobile robots powered by ROS
    19.79 $
  • Learn Robotics Programming: Build and control autonomous robots using Raspberry Pi 3 and Python
    39.99 $
  • Hands-On Robotics Programming with C++: Leverage Raspberry Pi 3 and C++ libraries to build intelligent robotics applications
    23.99 $
  • Robot Building for Beginners, 2nd Edition (Technology in Action)
    54.99 $
  • Internet of Things Programming Projects: Build modern IoT solutions with the Raspberry Pi 3 and Python
    39.99 $

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