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  • Arduino Programming in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself
  • Arduino: The Essential Step by Step Guide to Begin Your Own Projects (DIY Programming Projects, STEM)
  • Arduino Sketches: Tools and Techniques for Programming Wizardry
  • kuman Complete Starter Kit with Detailed Tutorial and Reliable Components for Arduino Project Mega 2560 Robot breadboard Kits
    This is an upgraded Super Starter Kit with free PDF tutorial(23 lessons), developed specially for those beginners who are interested in. The kit has 44pcs components With tutorial in a CD including project introduction and source code, add More modules: LED Thermistor Touch sensor module than old version. 1602 LCD display with pin header (need to be soldered by yourself)HC-SR04 Ultrasonic 5V Relay Power Supply Module Servo Motor with DC Prototype Expansion Board are included. A complete set of most common and useful electronic components for clear listing in a nice Plastic package. Detailed tutorials including project introduction and source code CAN BE PROVIDED FOR FREE, contact us BY Email to get documents.
    33.92 $
  • SparkFun XBee 3 Wireless Kit-Compatible with Arduino Beginner Wireless kit Handles 802.15.4-ZigBee & BLE protocols Talk to modules via UART or SPI 200ft Indoor Range 4000ft Outdoor Range mesh Network
    Seamlessly pass serial data to and from your (Arduino-Compatible) board wirelessly! Kit allows for simple serial cable replacement. Transmit remote sensor data, update a scoreboard from your computer, or drive a robot from your keyboard! XBee 3 not only handles 802.15.4, and ZigBee, but also BLE protocols. Talk to the modules over UART or SPI as well. 3.3V power regulation and level shifting on-board. With a 200ft indoor range, or 4000ft outdoor/line-of-sight range. Set up a mesh network to talk to or communicate with various devices around your house, work, or other area.
    89.95 $
  • Makeronics 3220 Tie-Points Solderless Breadboard with Blue Aluminum Back Plate for Circuit/Arduino/Raspberry Pi Prototyping
    ✔️3220 Test Points In Total(including 4 terminal strips 2520 tie-point and 7 bus strips 700 tie-point) & 4 Binding Posts ✔️ABS Plastic Housing, Blue Aluminum Back Plate, Brass(copper) Contact Clips; Accept Wire With Diameter 20-29AWG; ✔️Clear Red/blue line and number mark; Support header pin. ✔️Binding Posts Coded Black, Red and Green, Coloured Coordinates for Easy Component Placement ✔️Perfect for Arduino Shield Prototyping and Testing. Powered by Makeronics Technology
    38.91 $
  • Waveshare ARPI600 IO Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi Model A+/B+/2 B Supports Arduino XBee Modules with Various Interface Ease to Use
    Compatible with Arduino UNO, Leonardo, easy to connect with various Arduino shields XBee connector for connecting various XBee modules Sensor interface for connecting various sensors Onboard USB TO UART for serial port debugging, also can be configured as XBee USB adapter Onboard ADC, 10 bit, 38KSPS, 11 channels (6 channels for Arduino interface, 5 channels for sensors)
    22.99 $
  • Keywish Project AE-01 Scratch Starter Kit for Arduino R3 Mega328 with 30 Lessons Tutorial Compatible with Arduino IDE Mixly Sctratch Mblock Graphical Programming
    Free PDF tutorial (30 lessons) Contains basic courses, sensor courses, comprehensive experimental courses from easy to difficult Support Arduino IDE, Mixly, mblock Scratch graphical programming. High quality kit with Development Board. 100% compatible with Arduino UNO R3 This is the most basic Arduino kit for the beginner, has all the component you need to start Arduino Tutorial
    25.99 $
  • Freenove Ultimate Starter Kit with Board V4 (Compatible with Arduino IDE), 273-Page Detailed Tutorial, 217 Items, 51 Projects, Solderless Breadboard
    273-page detailed tutorials (including basic electronics and programming knowledge) -> The download link can be found on the product box. (No paper tutorial.) 217 common items -> All parts needed to complete the projects in the tutorial. No soldering required. 51 interesting projects -> Each project has circuit diagram and tested code with detailed explanation. Extra advanced projects -> Make virtual instruments (voltmeter, oscilloscope) and game consoles. Get support -> Our technical service team is always ready to answer your questions.
    34.95 $
  • UNIROI Starter Kit Tutorial and UNO R3 Compatible with Arduino IDE Projects, Suitable for Arduino Beginners to Learn,Included CD Tutorial,147 Projects
    [Free CD tutorials]: The CD contains detailed tutorials, datasheets, databases, and arduino IDE installation instructions to help you get started with Arduino, or you can contact us via email for documentation. [147 project accessories]: update 328P control board, 400 point bread board, development board, bread board, sensor, USB cable, 1-bit 7-segment display, resistor, jumper and dupont wire, resistance color card, etc. [Arduino IDE]: Compatible with Arduino-related projects, widely used, can be used to light LED lights and other related experiments. [Suitable for beginners, teenagers, classroom teaching]: this kit is suitable for beginners of electronic knowledge, very suitable for classroom teaching, easy to operate. [Worry-free Return]: UNIROI provides all our products with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty. If you have any questions about the products, you can contact us.
    17.99 $ 19.99 $ -10%

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