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  • Bakugan, Armored Alliance UNbox & Brawl Pack with 6 Exclusive, for Kids Aged 6 and up, Amazon Exclusive
    4 EXCLUSIVE BAKUGAN: The Unbox & Brawl Pack comes with exclusive Ryerazu, Tretorous, Sairus and Barbetra Bakugan that you can’t find anywhere else! They’re the perfect additions to your collection. 2 EXCLUSIVE FUSED BAKUGAN ULTRA: Expand your collection with fused Hydorous x Thryno Ultra and Pegatrix x Goreene Ultra! Combining 2 factions, these Bakugan are all-new, even more powerful characters! EVERYTHING YOU NEED: This Amazon exclusive set is a must-have! With everything you need to brawl, roll into battle with 6 exclusive Bakugan, 12 BakuCores; plus 6 character, 6 ability and 6 Gate-Cards! The Bakugan Unbox & Brawl Pack is the perfect gift for kids aged 6 and up. Unbox and 3-2-1 BAKUGAN BRAWL! Includes: 2 Bakugan Ultra, 4 Bakugan, 12 BakuCores, 6 Character Cards, 6 Ability Cards, 6 Gate-Cards, 2 Instruction Sheets
  • Bakugan X Fortnite | The Squad: Funny Story-Comics Vol 20
  • Bakugan Battle Brawler Coloring Book: Over 50 Illustration Coloring Book for Kids And Adults
  • The Awesome Brawlers vs. Haavik/Their Fights
  • Bakugan Amazon.com Exclusive Ultimate Brawler Collector's Gift Pack
    Limited edition Bakugan Battle Brawlers set includes 3 items: Collectible Tin, Dan Figurine and Certificate of Authenticity Official Bakugan figurine is a 5" tall authentic replica of Bakugan Brawler leader Dan Certificate of Authenticity guarantees your Bakugan figurine is an authentic collectible Limited number of figurines produced!
    59.99 $
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers / O.S.T.
  • Bakugan Battles
  • BAKUGAN BATTLE comical ver.
  • Bakugan Volume 1-5
  • Bakugan Battle Planet: The Official Character Handbook

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