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  • HiLetgo BadUsb Beetle Bad USB Microcontroller ATMEGA32U4 Development Board Virtual Keyboard for Arduino Leonardo R3 DC 5V 16MHz
    Microcontroller: ATmega32u4 Clock Speed: 16 MHz Operating Voltage: 5V DC Digital I/O Pins: 10 PWM Channels: 4
  • Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 [ABX00023]
    MKR 1010 simplifies the prototyping of WiFi-based IoT applications, easily connected and configured to other Arduino products. You do not need to be a network expert! The hybrid WiFi / BLE connectivity module has a low power consumption mode, improving the life of your batteries. Ideal for: Entry point to and professional IoT, building wireless sensor networks in minutes, remotely operated devices. Cloud features: the board can connect to any kind of existing WiFi network, or use it to create your own Arduino Access Point. It is also possible to connect your board to different Cloud services, including Arduino IoT cloud! Simply to power with a USB cable or external Li-Po 3.7V battery. Recharge the battery through the USB port.
  • SainSmart 1602 LCD Shield Module Display V3 for Arduino UNO R3 MEGA2560 Nano DUE
    This is a 16x2 LCD Keypad module for Arduino Diecimila Duemilanove, UNO, MEGA1280, MEGA2560 board. Blue Backlight with white words, adjustable backlighting. 4 Bit LCD Library 100% brand new and high quality V3 design, pins out for easy connecting
  • Emakefun BLE Nano for Arduino with Wireless BLE and Micro-USB Interface,TICC2540 Chip,Compatible to Arduino Nano V3.0
    Main chip for ATMEGA328P-MU QFN32 package, Burning the latest Bootloader (Arduino IDE 1.8.8), Download faster and more stable.Fully compatible with older versions. Combining common Nano board functions with CC2540 BLE functions, It is very convenient to be applied in various wireless connection application scenarios. The BLE chip is TI CC2540 BLE (SOC) chip.Maximum support 1Mbps air data transfer rate, stable performance.Communication distance can reach 30M in an open environment. PCB size is only 48mm*19mm.The pins are fully compatible with Nano V3.0. The main board has been welded and the pin row does not need to be welded by itself. Micro usb interface is adopted, which is more convenient to use.
    12.99 $
  • ACROBOTIC 4-Pack ESP8266 ESP-01 Breakout Board Breadboard Adapter for Arduino Raspberry Pi Programming ESP01
    Breadboard Breakout Board for the popular ESP-01 ESP-01S WiFi module for the ESP8266 ( Convenient way to start using the popular ESP-01 ESP8266 module in your prototypes Clear pinout labels on the silkscreen for easily remembering the pinout of the ESP-01 Onboard 0.1µF decoupling capacitor for the ESP-01 to run smoothly!
    6.99 $
  • DIYmall U R3 Development Board ATmega328P Microcontroller Compatible with Arduino,with Blue USB Cable
    1, U R3 board is very widely ranged used, it contains everything needed to support the microcontroller; simply connect it to a computer with a USB cable or power it with a AC-to-DC adapter or battery to get started. 2, Microcontoller based on the ATmega328 3, the board is small but exquisite, it is a good choice for you to start your own DIY arduino projects. 4, link to buy DIYmall mega 2560: 5, What you will get is: 1 X DIYmall U R3 Dev.board, 1 X USB cable
    13.99 $
  • Keywishbot Nano V3.0 Board for Arduino, Mini V3.0 USB Nano ATmega328P 5V 16M Micro Controller Board Welded Module (3PCS)
    Micro-controller ATmega328P, using Atmel Atmega328P-AU MCU; Improved version with 3pcs pin headers (2pcs 15pin headers +1pcs 6pin headers), no welding needed. Support USB download and Power. Support for external 5V ~ 12V DC power supply. Support power supply by 9V battery. Support ISP download.
    12.99 $
  • SainSmart USB Host Android ADK Shield 2.0 for Arduino UNO MEGA R3 Mega2560 Duemilanove Nano Robot
    19.99 $
  • USB Programmer, TL866II Plus Programmer USB EEPROM Flash BIOS Programmable Logic Circuits 8051 AVR MCU GAL PIC with 10 Adapter Automatically Identify The Operating System
    ★【Feature】: Support simultaneously burn with 4 Programmers each computer. The minimum volume and the lowest power consumption and do not feel any heat in process. All chips do not need external power supply, the low power consumption of its own to ensure that the USB port can provide enough power. ★ 【Scope of Application】: Best internal 40 pin over voltage protection, the strongest VCC/VPP 4-level overcurrent protection. The short-circuit do not reset the PC. Wide range of chip 15000+ support, support for serial and parallel series 40/44/48PIN large capacity FLASH. ★【Unique serial ICSP interface】: Supporting the serial download and high-speed parallel high voltage programming. Note: TL866CS does not support ICSP ★ 【Test CMOS4000 74/54 series】: Test CMOS4000 74/54 series integrated circuit. Can be located in the gate circuit error. Chip auto serial number is the most complete and practical. ★ 【RC Calibration】: Original chip encryptionoperation on AVR microcontroller with internal RC Calibration byte. The Decrypt software can not be directly run on another same type of chip.
    108.27 $
  • DAOKI LCD Keypad Shield LCD1602 Expansion Board Module Display for Arduino UNO R3 AMEGA2560 Nano Raspberry Pi with Dupont Cable
    【Compatibility】This is a 16x2 LCD Keypad module for Arduino 【4 Bit LCD Library】 【V3 design】Pins out for easy connecting 【Blue Backlight】With white words, adjustable backlighting. 【Application】Keypad for menu selection and user interface programming.
    5.99 $

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