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  • Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 [ABX00023]
    MKR 1010 simplifies the prototyping of WiFi-based IoT applications, easily connected and configured to other Arduino products. You do not need to be a network expert! The hybrid WiFi / BLE connectivity module has a low power consumption mode, improving the life of your batteries. Ideal for: Entry point to and professional IoT, building wireless sensor networks in minutes, remotely operated devices. Cloud features: the board can connect to any kind of existing WiFi network, or use it to create your own Arduino Access Point. It is also possible to connect your board to different Cloud services, including Arduino IoT cloud! Simply to power with a USB cable or external Li-Po 3.7V battery. Recharge the battery through the USB port.
  • KEYESTUDIO Mega 2560 R3 Board for Arduino Projects with USB Cable
    PERFECTLY COMPATIBLE with IDE Software: a nice upgrade to the r3 controller which will allow more complex programs and projects to be done RIGHT OUT OF THE Box: uses the official ATmega16u2 IC instead of CH340G, no driver problem EXCELLENT QUALITY: The build quality is good with straight headers and good soldering. It comes with instructions on downloading and installing a driver on Windows machines. They are well packed in a nice box. FCC and CE CERTIFICATION: this board is made from environmental friendly components and materials, as well as user friendly production technology. It's a great prototyping tool for electronic project. We also have a one-stop store that provides various of open source hardware raspberry pi and micro bit, you can access this page at
  • seeed studio CAN-Bus Shield V2 Compatible with Arduino
    CAN-BUS is a common industrial bus because of its long travel distance, medium communication speed and high reliability. It is commonly found on modern machine tools and as an automotive diagnostic bus. Thanks for CAN-BUS, makers are able to hack their cars more conveniently. The CAN-BUS Shield V2 still uses MCP2515 as CAN-BUS controller and MCP2551 as CAN transceiver. Despite of that, there are really many updates. First and most importantly, OBD-II or CAN standard pinout can be selected by switching jumpers on DB9 interface, the default pinout is OBD-II. Secondly we add a TF card slot for data storage and the CS pin can be either set to D4 or D5. The INT pin can also be set to D2 or D3 by switching jumpers on the back of the shield. CAN BUS Shield Work well with Arduino UNO (ATmega328), Arduino Mega (ATmega1280/2560) as well as Arduino Leonardo (ATmega32U4) and LinkIt One.
  • HiLetgo 5pcs IRF520 MOSFET Driver Module MOSFET Button Drive for Arduino MCU ARM Raspberry PI
    5pcs IRF520 MOSFET Driver Button Module Voltage: 3.3V, 5V Output load voltage: 0-24V Output load current: <5A (1A above need to add heat sink) Platform: Arduino, MCU, ARM, raspberry pie
    5.99 $
  • LM YN USB Host Shield for Arduino UNO MEGA 2560 1280 Support Google Android ADK USB HUB
    USB Host Shield for Arduino UNO MEGA 2560<br> Support the Google Android ADK<br> Compatible with Arduino Uno 328<br> Compatible with Arduino Diecimila / Duemilanove 328<br> Compatible with Arduino Mega 1280<br>
    14.99 $
  • UBTECH JIMU Robot Competitive Series: Champbot Kit/ App-Enabled Building & Coding STEM Robot Kit (522 Pcs) from Robotics
    Introducing buildable, codable robots from UBTECH Robotics Compete like a pro by taking on the challenge of building each one of the three different robots - ChampBot, BasketBot or ScoreBot. Test your Blockly skills by shooting baskets into the buildable, basketball hoop or knocking down one of the included target cards Delivers a hands-on fun approach to learning in a competitive way. Entertains kids for hours while they hone their STEM skills. No tools required – our 3D, 360° animated instruction in the free JIMU app walk users through the steps. Includes 522 snap-together parts, 3 smooth motion robotic servo motors, 2 DC motors, 1 IR Sensor, 1 main control box, USB cable and quick start guide. 3 sports balls, stickers and buildable basketball hoop also included. Works with both Android and Apple smart devices. A compatible iOS or Android device is required. JIMU Robot is the award-winning interactive robotic building block system for ages 8 and up. Awards include Tillywig 2018 Brain Child Award, CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree, Time to Play Magazine 2016 Holiday Most Wanted List, and IFA Awards 2015 Best of Show.
    91.18 $ 99.99 $ -9%
  • 2PCS USB to ESP8266 Breakout CH340C ESP-01 ESP-01S Prog WiFi Programmer Downloader Adapter with Reset Auto-Download Circuit
    This downloader is much better than red version. It use CH340C chip, added ESP8266 auto-download circuit, it is very convenient for user to download program, update firmware, debugging. It has RESET tact switch It support Arduino IDE, Ai-thinker ESP8266 Flasher and Espressif FLASH_DOWNLOAD_TOOLS "No need connection, no need to press button, WiFi module will go into download mode automatically It has RESET tact switch"
    10.99 $
  • HiLetgo USBTiny USBtinyISP AVR ISP Programmer 6/10 Pin Bootloader for Arduino UNO MEGA
    Power supply options: external power supply and USB power Isp interface: 6 needle, 10 needle
    7.69 $
  • Aideepen ESP8266 Serial Wi-Fi Wireless ESP-01 Adapter Module 3.3V 5V Compatible for Arduino
    A adapter module for ESP-01 Wi-Fi module 3.3V voltage regulator circuit and onboard level conversion circuit can make 5V microcontroller easy to use with ESP-01 Wi-Fi module Also, the item can be used with Arduino UNO R3 or compatible board Working voltage: 4.5~5.5V (On-board 3.3V LDO Regulator) Interface logic voltage: 3.3V / 5V compatible(On-board level shift circuit)
    5.59 $
  • SB Uno R3 Case Enclosure New Transparent Clear Computer Box Compatible with Arduino UNO R3
    This is a no-nonsense protective case designed specifically for the Arduino Uno The case is a two-piece injection-molded ABS enclosure that snaps together around the Arduino. Holds the Arduino firmly in place It provides tough protection for the Arduino UNO while providing access to all Arduino connectors. It also includes an integrated power switch for the Arduino. Includes reset key for use with the Uno's reset button. Secondary screw-mounting points for securing your Arduino Access to all Arduino UNO connectors.
    5.99 $

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