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  • Aideepen Proto Screw Shield Assembled Terminal Point Prototype Expansion Board Opening Source Reset Button PCB Bareboard D13 Universal LED for Arduino
    【Can Plug the Screw Shield into the Arduino】It has pins on the bottom which correspond to the female connectors on an arduino so that you can plug this shield into the arduino. Once it's plugged in it's very secure very snugly fit so it doesn't come off very easily 【Can Stack Other Shields】It has female connectors on the top corresponding to those on the Arduino so that you are not losing those when you put the shield on it 【Easy to Fly Line Connection】It has those holes on the side which are also connected to the same connections here and normally you can't easily stick a write into these holes. However if you unscrew the corresponding screw on the top you can that insert a wire and then you screw the screw back in again and then it's very hard to get the wire out so this enables a secure connection to the Arduino 【Easy to Connection】Provide terminal for the Arduino IO, convenient port connection 【Can be used to Extension Plate】With Proto shields, can be used as a prototype extension plate in the middle
  • Emakefun PH2.0 Arduino R3 Scratch Starter Kit,Super Bluetooth for ATmega328P with 20 Lessons Tutorial Compatible with Arduino IDE Mixly Scratch Mblock Graphical Programming
    ✔SIMPLE WIRING ECONOMICAL KIT FOR THE STARTER : This is the most basic Arduino kit for the beginner, all wires are PH2.0 interface, can effectively prevent the wrong or reverse connection of the line,easy to operate and teach. ✔EASY TO LEARN AND BRINGS A LOT OF FUN TO LEARNERS : Support Graphical Programming, based on Arduino platform to starting programming for those beginners who are interested. ✔100% COMPATIBLE WITH ARDUINO R3 : Include High quality kit with development board. support Arduino IDE, Mixly, Mblock scratch graphical programming. ✔QUALITY PACKING AND GREAT GIFT IDEA : We provide exquisite packaging, All of the Components packing in a plastic box. It’s a perfect gift for children and frends in Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Party, Performance, Special occasions, Etc.
  • GAR Monster Starter Kit for Arduino Uno Mega Nano, Complete Set with ESP32, 25 Sensor Modules, Bluetooth WiFi Ethernet Wireless for Electronics STEM Robotics Projects
    Explore programming electronics with all of the most common sensors and modules in Arduino like RFID Card-Key Reader, Ultrasonic Sensor, Real Time Clock, Impact Switch, 3-Axis Accelerometer, LCD, Relay, Servo and Stepper Motor - suitable for beginner or advanced users Build wireless IoT Automation projects with ESP32 Development Board, HC-05 Bluetooth Module, ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module, 2x NRF24L01 Wireless Transceivers and the W5100 Ethernet Shield All-in-one bundle with extra accessories + 16G USB storage with free access to the GAR Dropbox Cloud including PDF guides & links to tutorials and videos to help you learn to program all the parts and get started quickly
  • CZH-LABS Screw Terminal Block Breakout Module Board for Arduino MKR.
    Screw Terminal Block Breakout Board for Arduino MKR. With the breakout board, you can easily extend Arduino MKR projects to industrial control applications. PCB mount Terminal Block: pitch 5.0mm/0.197", strip length 7mm, screws - M2.5, steel, Cr3+ Zn plated. pin header and cage - brass. Wire range 28AWG ~ 12AWG / 2.5mm square. FR-4 fiber glass PCB, dual copper layers. Note: the item not include Arduino MKR board.
    22.00 $
  • SunFounder Electronics Fun Kit with 1602 LCD Module,breadboard,LED,Resistor for Arduino R3 MEGA2560 Raspberry Pi
    Starter Kit for Arduino or Raspberry pi - Our electronic kit has more than 300pcs components you need for getting started into programming for Arduino or Raspberry pi . Highest Cost Components Kit - Package includes 400 point breadboard,1602 LCD display, servo motors, jumper wires, DuPont wires, color LCD and resistors, capicitors, relay, usb cable, buzzers and etc. 21 Lessons Provided - An upgraded electronic fun kit has more than 20 interesting lessons which will give you a dynamic and creative learning experience. Detailed Instructions - With detailed pdf tutorial in the CD, you can learn to code and program faster and easier with all the components. Excellent package - A campact and pretty storage container for you to store all the components kit without losing.
    23.99 $
  • Longruner for ArduinoIDE Mini V3.0 ATmega328P 5V 16M Micro Controller Board Module for ArduinoIDE 3Pcs
    CH340G Replace FT232RL Micro-controller ATmega328P Using Atmel atmega328p-au MCU, support ISP download; support USB Download and Power. Support for external 5V 12V DC power supply; support power supply by 9V battery. 3Pcs Arduino V3. 0 ATMEGA328P Improved version with 3pcs pin headers (2pcs 15pin headers +1pcs 6pin headers/pc).
    12.85 $
  • Electronics-Salon Screw Terminal Block Breakout Module, for Arduino MEGA-2560 R3.
    Terminal Block Breakout Module - for Arduino MEGA-2560 R3. the item has been soldered and assembled. Terminal block pitch 3.5mm/0.138", wire size range 26AWG to 16AWG, strip length 5mm, screw M2 steel, pin header and cage copper. With power on LED indicating. red reset button on the side. with a ICSP adapter connect header. FR-4 fiber glass PCB, dual copper layers. NOTE: the item not include Arduino Mega module
    32.00 $
  • MBSS Linear Hall Effect Sensor Breakout SS39ET for Arduino and Raspberry PI
    Linear Hall Sensor Breakout SS39ET LXH 11.96x10.24 mm Simple 3 pin configuration Great for DIY, Arduino, Raspberry PI, ESP, etc. Extremely small
    6.95 $
  • Keywish Project AE-01 Scratch Starter Kit for Arduino R3 Mega328 with 30 Lessons Tutorial Compatible with Arduino IDE Mixly Sctratch Mblock Graphical Programming
    Free PDF tutorial (30 lessons) Contains basic courses, sensor courses, comprehensive experimental courses from easy to difficult Support Arduino IDE, Mixly, mblock Scratch graphical programming. High quality kit with Development Board. 100% compatible with Arduino UNO R3 This is the most basic Arduino kit for the beginner, has all the component you need to start Arduino Tutorial
    25.99 $
  • KEYESTUDIO 10PCS PCB Prototype Board Shield for Arduino R3, Leonardo, Double Sided Electronic Circuit Prototyping Board Solderable for Arduino Controller Projects DIY
    Good Value PCB Diy Kit-contains 10 pieces prototype circuit boards and comes with a beautiful box Perfect size for Arduino R3 projects-seamlessly plug it into the arduino board with the pin headers and 4 mounting holes at the corners High Quality-solid and sturdy glass fiber FR4 material proto boards, thick and double sided Very Convenient-clear yellow pin labels and pre-tinned plated holes on board make you easily solder components and sensors for your projects without mistakes Hole-pitch: 2.54mm/ 0.1inch, Hole-diameter: 1mm/ 0.04inch, allowing easy attachment of medium sized wire
    13.99 $

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Getting Started with Adafruit Trinket: 15 Projects with the Low-Cost AVR ATtiny85 Board 14.39 $ Digispark USB Development Workshop 2.99 $ 10pcs/lot ATtiny13A/ATtiny25/ATtiny45/ATtiny85 Pluggable Development Programming Board for arduino 15.74

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